ClearView: Mid-term project review in Athens

date: 07.04.2008

category: News

The ClearView project underwent its mid-term review at the beginning of April. This process involved the project team, our project officer from the Commission, and three independent experts. The experts had already reviewed all the deliverables of the project, as well as our contract and technical agreement with the EU. ClearView: Mid-term project review in AthensRepresentatives of the project made several hours of presentations and demonstrations to the project officer and the experts, addressing topics such as progress and planning, business development, software and dissemination.

The project received uniformly high marks against every criterion, and passed the review with flying colours. The project also received some valuable and relevant advice from the independent experts, to help us to maximise the benefit of our project in the medium and longer term; we look forward to acting on this advice.  


ClearView: Mid-term project review in AthensThe project team would like to thank our PO and the independent experts. Our gratitude also goes to our hosts in Athens, Dianne Rybinska and Ian Gourley and their team.