AGORA – a platform for 21st century »polis«

date: 12.11.2009

category: News

These days first phase of AGORA project is being concluded. AGORA – an open platform concept for comprehensive e-partecipation on local level is a project co-financed by Ministry of higher education, science and technology, and EU – Regional Development Fund AGORA project is being performed by Arctur as a lead partner, in co-operation with Faculty of social sciences of Ljubljana University, and experts from Alianta company. Main project goals are to research the possibilities, and to develop concepts for an effective inclusion of citizens into decision-making processes of on the local government level, trough the use of various communication channels, such as internet, social networks, mobile phones, digital television, etc. First project phase started in July, and included a thorough analysis of the ICT and organisational degree of Slovene local governments' readiness to enable their citizens to assume an active role in number of processes. In the next phases project partners will develop innovative concepts for e-partecipation, including methodologies to stimulate citizens to more active attitude in the process. A special care will be oriented towards various vulnerable groups, such as people with disabilities, socialy disadvantaged, etc.