The winners of the HPC Challenge have been selected

date: 05.02.2018

category: News

The team of evaluators was overwhelmed with the amount of applications that we received. They dug into the pile of applications and selected the best ones. The applicants will be notified of the results individually.

We were overwhelmed by the amount of applications that we received to our HPC Challenge. The team of evaluators has taken the time and evaluated each individual application based on feasibility, industry impact, innovativeness and field of use. Once we combined the scores we had our winners.

All of the applicants will now be contacted individually by our HPC team and will be notified whether the application is awarded free HPC resources or not. Unfortunately, we will not be able to award all of the applications, but there are other similar opportunities on the horizon. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on our LinkedIn page to receive the latest updates about similar Challenges.