Arctur´s new websites inviting visitors into “out of the box” virtual World

date: 16.06.2020

category: News

Arctur presents three new websites, which were released in May. Three different topics have been presented on three inspiring websites. These websites all have one thing in common – they will open a whole new insight to visitors into a new virtual World, based outside the established framework.

Explore storytelling website of the Hotel Boka swiping left to right

Hotel Boka is situated in the picturesque Soča valley that boasts some extraordinary natural wonders. Hotel Boka offers its visitors charming rooms, fresh local food and unforgettable staying. Such a unique Hotel deserves an inspiring website, which will emanate freshness and will encourage potential visitors to dive deeper to explore this extraordinary site.

The peculiarity of this website is that we do not scroll down the website as we are usually accustomed to, but we swipe elegantly from left to right as if leafing through a book. Visitors of this website can be fascinated by gorgeous photos and inspiring content. The website will provide visitors all information needed: accommodation facilities and culinary delights, as well as active engagement in outdoor exploring and leisure activities provided by Hotel. Hamburger navigation and social media channels can be found on the left side margin of the site. Come and explore the site in English or Slovenian language here:


Walking through 360° virtual museum Fala

 In 1913, the construction of the Fala Hydro Power Plant, the first hydropower plant on the Drava River, started. Fala was the largest hydropower plant in the eastern Alps at that time. In the over 100 years long history of its existence, the Fala faced several crucial events, but through the time it has been holding the invaluable importance while supplying electricity to a greater area.

As the old engine room was abandoned, the Dravske elektrarne Maribor, as the owner of these objects, took the opportunity to present technical equipment of the facility in the historical part of the power plant where the museum has been developed.

The Fala Museum stepped one step further and provided the insight into one of the most important monuments to architectural heritage in Slovenia in the 20th century virtually. The Fala Museum is now online, and visitors can freely walk through the place and move around in 360° sight motion. Visitors can move from the Engine room of Generator 1 located on the ground floor all the way up to the Exhibition room only in a few virtual leaps.  

Virtual arrows will lead visitors through the Museum and all exhibits will be revealed to the curious eyes. Visitors can be informed about each exhibit piece via info icon – by clicking on it, educative facts will be shown and further explained. Visit the Fala Virtual Museum in English or Slovene language here:


Fresh and green as juicy apple, home-grown lettuce, … and the FoodE website!

Cities face many environmental challenges, including air and water quality issues, lack of sufficient green space, polluted stormwater runoff and lack of ecological biodiversity. Local food initiatives present a unique opportunity to utilize vacant or idle land and rooftops throughout European cities for the production of healthy and sustainably grown food.

FoodE aims to accelerate the growth of sustainable and resilient City/Region Food Systems (CRFS) by bringing together citizen-led local food initiatives across Europe. FoodE seeks to build a “Think global, eat local” mindset with a view to addressing pressing global challenges that threaten food security while boosting the local economy.

FoodE is a comprehensive EU Horizon 2020 project, which embraces all domains regarding food, food systems, food production and consumption. The FoodE website offers an interactive insight into 15 high-end pilot projects which will be launched in 12 European cities. The website will offer fascinating stories and promising content – news, e-publications, databases, events invitations, photo and video materials - for people, who are hungry for knowledge on food production and consumption.

Later, Arctur will develop a FoodE APP, which will serve as a digital meeting place and will be integrated into the official FoodE website. Stay tuned, visit the FoodE website: