Testing Tourism Impact Model at Black sea in progress

date: 26.08.2020

category: News

During the summer, Arctur trained for local partners to become a certified Tourism Impact Model consultant. In the course of an on-line webinar, partners received detailed information about the questionnaire, how and where to collect the data. Now it is time for local partners to visit each of the selected locations and start acquiring data and filling in the TIM web questionnaire.

The future of tourism is changing rapidly. How can Data Analytics help?

Tourism Impact Model (TIM) is a comprehensive tool for modeling and optimisation of the tourism impact on a local ecosystem through fostering collaboration between different stakeholders. It enables assessment of the impact of tourism on different societal aspects (Environment, Economy, Culture, Health, Education etc.) to reach sustainable development in a specific geographical area by following the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

TIM brings real data in the perception of the impact of tourism to sharpen the real picture for everyone and allow data-driven strategic planning for strategic and sustainable tourism development. Through supervised collecting of data from various sources TIM transforms data into valuable information. This way location takes a real picture of the whole spectrum of positive and negative impacts of tourism based on real data. Each location receives a detailed assessment of the current tourism impact. Visualisation of results and sets of recommendations for improvements make complex concepts simple and easy to understand and empower locations with guidelines for further actions.

Tourism Impact Model assessment is currently being proceeded in Tourism 4.0 for the Black Sea project and is implemented in two locations in each country in the Black Sea Region (Ukraine, Romania and Georgia); one large and one small to ensure comparison of tourism impact according to the size of a destination.

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