Golden plaquette as The best innovation of the North Primorska for Smart Camper Stop

date: 21.09.2021

category: News

On this year's call, the Chamber of Commerce North Primorska received 35 applications. Among 9, who were awarded the golden plaquette, was also Tourism 4.0 innovation – Smart Camper Stop.

»Innovations are a result of the team effort. Innovations are not only technology but primarily people«

said Aleš Ugovšek, PhD, from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. The Tourism 4.0 team cannot agree more with that as with the focus on the wellbeing and prosperity of local residents. Our innovation, Smart Camper Stop, is a set of technological solutions that include various online services, smart connectors and systems, parcel machines with local goods for the tourist and are, after the tourist season ends, available to the local residents.

The innovation is a proper answer to the modern camper user’s needs and has a positive and sustainable impact on a local community as it enables less wild parking, more income from tourist tax and for the local economy. The tourist destination becomes more attractive for this segment of tourists, which is becoming highly relevant in the new reality. With great pleasure, we are publishing information that the first pilot Smart Camper Stop will be built and integrated on the existing Camper Stop in East Slovenia. For more news, stay tuned.