Project Coordination

Our experienced team assists you with keeping your EU projects on track:

  • keeping finances under control,
  • timely optimizing your work endeavors,
  • prompting your activities goal oriented,
  • deliverables submited on time,
  • while we assure the reporting process to be stress-free.

4PM - a web solution for your projects

4PM & project management
4PM optimizes project management, generates team collaboration, and enhances project visibility.

4PM – for your projects
4PM project management tool brings the power of project management to every business. 4PM provides a dynamic and collaborative environment for efficient and transparent projects.

The project management know-how embedded within 4PM equips you with more productive teams, efficient organization and decision making, timely projects completed within the budget and higher corporate ROI.

You can customize and integrate 4PM within preexisting IT solutions. We are at your disposal for any additional information you might need.

Project Coordination
4PM facilitates project management of co-financed projects by optimizing team collaboration and communication on an international level. 4PM includes secure document management and powerful support for project administration and reporting that saves time. 4PM will timely control your activities and help you prevent common administrative and communication issues that  large project consortia face.